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SSLSC Press Release 07.07.13

Press Release

Well it was the hottest weekend so far, Andy Murray won Wimbledon and Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club were also breaking some records. On Sunday 7th July the unpaid volunteers of the Club gave a total of over 125 volunteer hours on the beach. The day started at 9am, we usually start at 10 but decided an extra hour at the start to set up would be useful before the beach started to fill up. Luckily as our first incident (a weaver fish sting) turned up at 9:30 and the beach was already filling up fast.

A quick session of resuscitation, first aid and rescue training for the younger members kept everyone busy along with the normal advice to beach-goers and minor first aids until just after 12 when we all helped look for a lost child. Our rescue boat was already busy trying to keep boats and swimmers safely apart. A few minutes after the lost child had been found and some people were about to eat some lunch we started to get an initial report over the radio of someone with possible neck injuries. Even though our brains were already overheating we managed to work out where the casualty was and while one of the RNLI lifeguards ran down the prom our Rescue boat sped down to the location at Gordon’s zig-zag. Coordinating with the RNLI they were able to transport equipment to the scene and cover the water while the lifeguards on the beach dealt with the incident. Once the paramedics were on scene the idea of using a helicopter to evacuate the casualty got an immediate response from the Club with 6 people being sent to the scene to help clear a landing area. This proved essential as we needed to clear a whole groyne of people and keep the water clear to prevent people being caught in the downdraft. The 6 Club members and the RNLI lifeguards had their work cut out to clear the beach, around 500 people to move to a safe distance!!

Meanwhile, back at Southbourne we were still doing patrols and first aid. Eventually the casualty was removed by the helicopter and our team were free to return to base and get back down to earth and the weaver fish stings!!

We finally left the beach at 7pm, very tired but very satisfied with a great day and the Club’s leadership brimming with pride at the great job done by everyone.


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