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Photo Timeline For Our New Club Facilities                            This Page Was Updated 1st January 2016 0009hh

Taken 08.02.15 : Day Before The Start Of Phase 1

New Club Hut Photo 08.02.15

Photo taken by Sponge

Taken 09.02.15  : The Workmen Have Arrived !

New Club Building Photo 09.02.15

Photo taken by Jennifer

Taken 09.02.15 : The Safety Fence Is UpPeeky 1

Photo taken by Alex P.

Another Shot Of The Fencing & The Temporary New Home For The Lifebuoy.

New Club Hut Sam B 1

New Club Hut Sam B 2

Photos taken by Sam B.

11.02.15 : All Gone

New Club Hut Sam B 3

New Club Hut Sam B 5

New Club Hut Sam B 4

Photos taken by Sam B.

Taken 15.02.15 : Alot can happen in a week ! !.Photo taken from the same position as last weeks. They have also started dismantling the wall at the back of the old club building. 

New Club Hut 15.02.15

Photo taken by Sponge

Taken 20.02.15 : The Wooden Slats Marking The Outside Edge & The Internal Walls

  New Club Hut 20.02.15 - A

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - B

The Entrance To Shutter Door By The Tap

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - C

The Outer Edge Marked Out In Wood Slats

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - D

The Back Wall Has Been Cut Out To The Building Level

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - E

The View From This Position In The Future Will Be Looking At The Shutter Door To The Garage

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - F

View From The Slope : The Thick Plank Of Wood Marks The Inner Wall Of The Changing Rooms

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - I

The Shape Marked Out Will Be The Female & Male Changing Rooms.

New Club Hut 20.02.15 - J

Photos Taken By Philip

Taken 25.02.15

The Steel Works For Walls Have Started. .

New Club Hut 25.02.15

Photo taken by Alex P.

Taken 27.02.15

The concrete slab has been laid. You can now see the outlines of the external & internal walls.

Mens & Ladies Changing Area

The outline of the Ladies & Mens changing area. Red for Ladies, Blue for Men.

Mens Changing Area

Mens area in blue, ladies in the foreground.

Garage, 1st Aid Room & Changing Area

Garage in black, 1st Aid area in blue by wooden shed, Ladies in red & Mens in blue left of pictures.

Back Wall

The back wall taking shape.

View Through The Wire

The view from the front looking through the safety fence.

Photos & Edits by Philip

Taken 08.03.15

Back Slab 1

Back Slab 2

The back wall coming to shape.

Photos taken by Philip

Taken 14.03.15

The new club is taking shape

New Club Hut 14.03.15

Photo taken by Philip

Taken 16.03.15

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb1

Front view.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb2

Female changing rooms in the foreground.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb3

The front entrance.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb4

West side front of building.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb5

East side of building.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb7

The insulation between the walls.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb8

Rear West to East view.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 cb9

Side view East to West.

New Club Hut 14.03.15 - 1

Male changing rooms in the foreground.

Photo taken by Chris Gilbert of Bournemouth RLSC

Taken 18.03.16

The cement is being poured into the ground floor!



The walls are getting taller.



Photo taken by Chris Gilbert of Bournemouth RLSC

Taken 22.03.15

The scaffolding has been erected in preparation for the 1st floor

22.03 - 1

22.03 - 2

22.03 - 3

Photos taken by Philip

Taken 29.03.15


View from the car park. The 1st floor joists have been laid.


Right of picture, view of the stairway to 1st floor.


View from behind the beach huts looking East.


View from down the slop looking West.


View of garage opening from council tap.

This will be covered by an electric shutter door, IP66 rating. Heavy & EXPENSIVE ! !

Photo's taken by Philip

Taken 07.04.15

New Club Hut 07.04.15

The 1st floor floor has now been concreted. Now for the walls and roof! Lets hope the building work is finished for Star Wars Day, May The 4th. #southbournesurflifesaving

Photo taken by Philip

Photo's Taken 09.04.15

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 1

The 1st floor walls are now going up.

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 2

The view from the shutter door towards the stairway which will be bricked up, with the board area on the right handside of the picture.

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 3

View from inside the garage looking out.

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 4

View from the male to the female changing room. There will be a wall separating the two at a later date & also you will not be able to access the front door from here. Sorry about the neck ache due to picture wring way up ! !

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 5

Changing room windows on left, blue bin where front door entrance  is, this will be blocked off as previously mentioned.

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 6

Once in, looking up the stairs to 1st floor

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 7

Looking from the front door/1st Aid area, into the female & male changing. Once partition wall built  this view will not be possible.

New Club Hut 09.04.15 - 9

Another view of garage.

Photo's taken By Sponge with his hard hat & high viz on.

Photo taken 10.04.15

New Club Hut 10.04.15 - 1

The position of the windows & balcony doors on the 1st floor can be seen in this photo.

Photo taken by Toby C.

Taken 17.04.15 ~ 1st Views of First Floor


Scale 4ft Blue 500mm Red

In some of the following photos you will see the yellow spirit level which is 4ft - 1220 mm in length. This is to give you a scale to the photo. Also each panel is 500 mm in width..


East View with the pitch of  roof visible & balcony opening to right of picture.


West View, two large windows with an open staircase with top of stairs right of picture.


North View with kitchen window.


Kitchen Units will start 39 1/4" ~ 1 m from top step. Approx with join of velox on spirit level.


View out of kitchen window.

photo taken position

South View with BLUE marker on plank for position of next photo.


Photo taken from Blue marker looking out of balcony doors gap.


Panoramic view looking West from Bistro 1st Floor beach hut area.


Close up view from Bistro 1st Floor.


Photo taken at floor level on Bistro 1st Floor to show line of site.


Back view [North ] from the gate on the slope.


West & Back view with our neighbours beach huts for scale.

Taken 11.05.15 ~ The Roof Is On

New Club Hut 11.05 1

Photo taken by Sponge

15.05.15 ~ The Extra Wide Stairs Are In

New Club Hut 15.05 7

Looking UP from the bottom.

New Club Hut 15.05 4

Looking DOWN from the 1st Floor.

New Club Hut 15.05 6

Looking DOWN towards the front door from the turning landing.

New Club Hut 15.05 5

Looking DOWN the stairs from the 1st Floor

Taken by Sponge

Cladding Is Starting To Be Put On New Facilities.

New Club Hut 15.05 1

Colour Of The Cladding for New Facilities.

Light Blue = East and West Walls.                                                                            Light Sand = North and South.

New Club Hut 15.05 2

Our trustee builders!

New Club Hut 15.05 3

The view looking out through the balcony opening towards Southbourne RNLI Lifeguard Base from the 1st floor.

Photos taken by Sponge

23.05.15 ~ 1st Day Of Painting 



23 -3







Last But Not Least, The Necessary Selfie of The Day.


A BIG BIG thank you to Dave, Katie, Kenan, Jenni, Tom & Sponge for spending their Saturday May Bank Holiday painting the New Facilities.

Photo's Taken 28.05.15

New Club Hut 28.05.1

The garage shutter door has been fitted. It looks AWESOME, thank you to for fitting it so professionally.

1st view of the railings to go round the balcony at the front of the building.

Photo's taken by Sponge

Photos Taken 26.06.15

New Roof 26.06.15

The PVA roof paint has been applied to the roof.

Balcony Bi-Folding Doors

The balcony Bi-Folding doors & the windows have been fittted by Dorset Glass. A big THANK YOU to Dan French & his team for thier support !

Front View

The view from the beach with the Bi-Folding doors wide open. The cladding does reflect well with the beach sand colour.

Photos taken by Sponge

Photos Taken 23.07.15

2307 South

South Side

2307 west west